What is a veneer?

Slicing techniques

Crown Cut

The slicing is made parallel to the line through the centre of the log creating straight grain and 'cathedral-like' patterns.

Quarter Cut

Logs are sawn into quarters and slicing occurs roughly parallel to the radius line through the log segment creating a varying series of stripes.

Rotary Cut

Like unwinding a roll of paper slicing is achieved when the log is centre–mounted and 'peeled' creating a bold/random pattern

Jointing techniques

Book Matched

Traditional form of matching by positioning successive leaves of veneer to create a symmetrically balanced pattern of grain and figure.

Slip Matched

Techinique preferred when then final board is to be stained to maintain a consistent colour across the full board.

Random Matched

Veneers are jointed together in random fashion to give an appearance of individual solid wood boards.

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