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Timber cladding has become a very detailed subject. Over recent years more and more product regulatory, standard and environmental requirements have been brought in to play. To help guide designers, specifiers and contractors through all aspects of a project Brooks Bros’ team of cladding specialists will guide you through all latest developments.

In the first instance, and the earlier in the process the better, please contact your usual local sales office.

1 Selection of Species: Should be based mainly on the aesthetic requirement (colour, grain, knot content etc), then durability (service life based on the various standards BSEN350, EN335 and BS8417) and finally cost. A Brooks Bros team member can talk you through every aspect. Obtaining an actual sample, in order to appreciate the wood prior to specifying or ordering, is always essential.

2 Profile: Should be based on aesthetics, vertical or horizontal fixing and installation. It’s important to ensure all coated, factory finished profiles have radii on exposed edges. Could it be secret fixed?

3 Detailing: This is key to ensuring good flow of moisture and air in the completed construction. The effect of other agents such as rain and wind are also important, for example it is important to understand that extractive can leach onto other materials and not only discolour the other materials but corrode metals.

4 Delivery and Handling: Ensure all cladding is securely packaged, for example all factory coated cladding needs to have separating membranes in between the layers to avoid cladding sticking together, and on delivery ensure that all the cladding is allowed to acclimatise (allow airflow between the boards). It is important that boards are not stored in direct sunlight as there is a risk of distortion and splitting.

5 Installation: Have you allowed for breather membranes (BBA approved), insect mesh, treated battens (UC3 BS EN335) and have the battens been treated at any cut ends? Always face fix unless you are using secret fix clips and ensure appropriate stainless fixings are used and sufficient gaps for ventilation and differential movement have been allowed for.

Brooks Bros advise that, “When considering timber as the cladding material it should be remembered that each species features its own very distinctive and natural variations in colour. Not all trees produce boards of the same length and trees grow branches that result in knots (lots or few per specie). Timber is a natural product and it will move so expect some surface checking and splitting especially on elevations in direct sunlight. Just a few key aspects that need to be considered: that the Brooks Bros team can talk you through. Here are a few more things that need considering when choosing timber as your cladding choice.”

6 Maintenance: Coatings and factory-finished cladding need a regular maintenance cycle - dependent on species and selected coating brand a minimum one-year maintenance cycle is always recommended.

7 Weathering and Discolourations of Cladding: This happens through a combination of factors (moisture, sunlight, microorganisms and extractive/metal staining). Some is inevitable especially if the cladding is to be left to weather to its natural silver/grey colour. You need to be aware that different timbers can perform differently.

8 BM TRADA External Timber Cladding Manual: This is a detailed publication that contains guidance on all aspects of timber cladding, including: the applications and types of timber cladding, commonly used species, timber selection, detailed design updates, storage, installing and maintenance. Brooks Bros offer customers an opportunity to purchase copies at a discounted rate. Please ask for details.

9 Be Properly Prepared: To further help in preparing properly here is a simple checklist of what needs to be considered