Structural Hardwoods

structural hardwoods from Brooks Bros

Structural hardwoods are used for various applications including coastal protection works, civil engineering projects, decking, cladding, street furniture and timber framed homes.

The choice of species for each application is dependent upon its natural properties: Balau, Greenheart and Ekki are all resistant to rot and marine borers - making them suitable for any job where the timber comes into contact with water, whereas Oak is ideal for timber framed houses and street furniture.

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Further properties
Species Strength class Weight per m³ (12% mc) Modullus of elasticity (12%mc) Durability
Cumaru D60 1070kg 26610 N/mm² Durable
Ekki D60 950-110kg 18500 N/mm² Very durable
European Oak D30/40 720kg 10100 N/mm² Durable
Garapa D40 790kg 15880 N/mm² Durable
Greenheart D70 1030kg 21000 N/mm² Very durable
Ipe D60 1040kg 22760 N/mm² Very durable
Massaranduba D60 1100kg 24410 N/mm² Very durable
Opepe D50 740kg 13400 N/mm² Very durable
Purpleheart D50 860kg 16700 N/mm² Very durable
Yellow Balau D70 880-950kg 19000 N/mm² Very durable

1" x 6" to 10" x 10" ex stock (larger sizes available on request)

  • Bespoke decking, cladding and handrail profiles, planing, rebating and grooving of large sectioned timbers
  • Pre-machined decking, bollards and bench slats available ex stock
  • Most species available in FSC sourced material
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