Laminated timber is a factory-produced material made by gluing together (under high pressure) accurately machined lamellas of solid timber. With the installation of the latest Taylor Laminating Press, we can produce laminated timber sections up to 150mm x 900mm x 4.9m. By taking material from our extensive inventory of both hardwood and softwood species (including FSC and PEFC certified) and using the most appropriate glues we have produced a variety of bespoke orders: like solid wood worktops manufactured in the ‘age old way’ - using wide boards, cut in full lengths and random widths (details available on request).

The benefits of engineered laminated timber
  • It's stronger: because of it's multi-layer engineered construction
  • It's more stable: because its not like solid timber that tends to distort as it absorbs or expels moisture as it encounters various temperature changes: hence it is less likely to shrink or swell after installation
  • It creates less wastage: because it eliminates removing defects coming to you already clear of knots, splits and sapwood
  • It streamlines manufacture: because it is supplied in uniform sections, that can go into making the finished product the minute they are delivered, it creates a cleaner working environment
  • It's reliable: because the construction ensures the quality is consistently maintained throughout
  • It's 'greener': because it is 100% FSC certified, produces a much more efficient use of the logs and reduces the need for unnecessary raw material stock-holding
Laminated timber is the way forward

It looks and feels like solid timber (because it is real!) and it has many other benefits which is why we offer a bespoke laminating service as well as top quality imported softwood and hardwood laminated timber components:
our Brookstech range