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Brookstech Laminated Timber Products are engineered hardwoods and softwoods, made by gluing and clamping together lamellas of timber to produce defect free, multi-layer, straight and stable moulding blanks. They are manufactured in popular sizes and at optimum lengths to maximise yield.


More stable: multiple laminations ensures they are straight and most importantly, they stay straight.
High yield: much less waste using dimension blanks, produced in ideal lengths which are defect free with no knots or splits.
their strong multi-layer construction is consistent throughout.
Produced from prime quality European Oak, Sapele and Redwood, which is sourced from well managed FSC® certified forests.
Saves time:
ready to mould, no selecting or sawing.


If we don’t have the size in stock that you are looking for (see Stock List below) it’s not a problem. We have our own in-house laminating press that can produce laminated timbers up to 150mm x 900mm x 4900mm.


To place orders or for further information, please contact your nearest Brooks Bros Sales Office .

Stock List


KKK | Multiple laminated layers with finger joints on all lamellas. Only kkk offered in some Sapele as marked.
DKD | Multiple laminated layers with only finger joints on the hidden inside lamella, so clear outer faces.

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