Machined Hardwood and Machined Timber



Brooks Bros’ machining operations offer customers real added value: like the savings you can make compared with running your own machining operation, the greater flexibility you have and the better business opportunities you can take.


Each one of the Brooks Bros’ UK sites has the facility to take supplying timber several steps further, in order to deliver timber ‘perfect for requirement’ very competitively.


Today, processing timber demands intelligent system solutions from start to finish…from sawing to delivery...and at every step in between. We have tended to build our systems around the finest German produced machines and systems (Raimann ripsaws and Weinig Powermat moulders feature heavily in our inventory) to give us consistent, top quality production.

Selecting your timber

Brooks Bros consistently offers some 50 of today’s most popular timber species (one of the broadest available from a single UK supplier). Timbers, from the familiar and popular to the more exotic, all hand-picked to the customers' requirements..

Choosing your profile

From par to a bespoke moulding Brooks Bros can supply precisely what you want: from stock in some cases or to your precise requirement.


From a sample, a description or even better a dimensioned drawing, a technical CAD drawing of the required profile is made and on signed approval a cutter template is produced directly from the CAD drawing from which the profile cutters are then ground.


Brooks Bros’ state-of-the-art mill facilities are equipped with a range of 23 moulders (including Weinig Powermat 500, 1500 and 3000 new generation moulders). So, whether it’s a large batch production run or a small multiple set-up job, a unique profile that needs to be matched or a more standard profile, producing accurate and competitively priced profiles to the highest possible standard of finish is something Brooks Bros has the expertise and ability to excel in.

No matter what your machined timber requirement (ex-stock or bespoke) ask Brooks Bros first.


Machining Brochure (pdf)