hardwoods from Brooks  Bros

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African Hardwoods

Our trading history with African suppliers goes back many years: years in which Brooks Bros has developed a real understanding of the many and varied woods that its tropical forests can sustain. From Cedrella to Zebrano…from Tropical West and Central Africa ...from cabinet making and boat building to construction work and decorative veneers African hardwoods are a part of our everyday life.

American Hardwoods

The American hardwood industry dates back to the first European settlers and today claims to have more temperate hardwood species than any other region of the world. From the heavily forested Eastern States to the Appalachian mountain range its hardwood forests support a wide variety of commercial species. Grading Rules established more than a century ago and good forest management practice ensure product stability, consistancy and sustainability.

European Hardwoods

The vast forests of Europe are today one of our most valuable sources of indigenous deciduous species like Ash, Beech, Birch, Oak and Sycamore. Efficient forest management has meant these popular timbers are responsibly sourced and readily available for us all to enjoy and admire.

Far Eastern Hardwoods

Malaysia (the world's fifth largest producer of tropical timbers) and Indonesia (with more tropical rainforest than any other Asian country) list many thousands of indigenous species, but only a few are considered of commercial importance: species like Dark Red Meranti, Dark Red Seraya, Keruing and Yellow Balau. With conservation regulated through state law and forest management, areas of forest are protected making sources easier to identify.

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