Environmental Strategy

five year environment strategy


Over the next five years, we aim to improve our environmental performance to deliver more sustainable products and services against ambitious targets. We will do this by continuously working with our suppliers, encouraging and promoting responsible environmental practices. We will improve and monitor the environmental impact of our business operations against ambitious targets, reporting on our performance to our stakeholders.


We Will:

  • Develop our environmental programme, with dedicated resources for in-house expertise.
  • Comply with all environmental legislation, including the UK Timber Regulation.
  • Measure and reduce our corporate carbon footprint.
  • Utilise materials efficiently and minimise waste.
  • Give back to our local community by supporting socially beneficial initiatives.
  • Equip sales staff with knowledge to understand and communicate the environmental status of products.

We Will:

  • Report our environmental performance publicly.
  • Make accurate environmental claims so that our customers can make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Train our staff on our environmental policy to ensure its effective implementation.

We Will:

  • Continue to purchase timber and timber products that are harvested and traded legally in the country of origin.
  • Continuously increase the proportion of certified and verified products year on year, with a preference for FSC®.
  • Promote environmentally beneficial products, such as lesser-known species and modified timber.
  • Work with our suppliers, particularly in the tropical regions, by building long-term relationships that enable them to transition towards more responsible practices.
  • CE mark relevant products to ensure their safe use in construction.

We Will:

  • Stay abreast of the latest regulatory, technological and market developments to ensure our policy is effective and relevant.
  • Engage in the certification schemes that we use, to improve their credibility and applicability to business.
  • Support industry, governmental and NGO initiatives that foster innovation towards more efficient and impactful sourcing of sustainable products.
As members of the UK Timber Trade Federation, we are signatories to the TTF Environmental Code of Practice and TTF Responsible Purchasing Policy.