Responsible Purchasing Policy


Over recent years the Brooks Bros (UK) buying policy has been proactively influenced by the environmental responsibility of trading in timber. Where possible, product is sourced from proven and sustainable forests, and through this Brooks Bros (UK) has attained the highest levels of independent accreditation.


Timber Trade Federation: As a member of the Timber Trade Federation Brooks Bros (UK) is a signatory to its Responsible Purchasing Policy. This is the most creditable tool referred to by numerous organisations, including the UK government and Olympic administrators. It is a management tool used to improve performance to obtain legal and sustainable timber.
Brooks Bros (UK) has fully implemented this systematic approach to collecting information on all its sources...developing a preferential suppliers list. Target setting and independent auditing guarantees a continuous improvement in volumes of legal and sustainable timber.


FSC®: Brooks Bros is committed to supplying certified timber products where chain of custody can be verified and holds full Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) Chain of Custody certification.
The same applies to recycled timbers - the FSC® Recycled Label guarantees reclaimed timber is sourced from100% genuine post-consumer waste.


PEFC: Our Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) scheme certifications provides assurance to purchasers that we are promoting the sustainable management of forests.


CPET: Brooks Bros (UK) follows closely UK Government Central Point of Expertise on Timber Procurement Category A evidence (CPET) guidelines, that only ‘legal’ or ‘legal and sustainable’ timber can be specified for government contracts.


Others: Chain of custody guarantees for CSA (Canadian Standards Authority), MTCS (Malaysian Timber Certification Scheme) and SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certified products are achieved through BM TRADA’s Forest Products Chain of Custody Certification.