CE marking and Declarations of Performance

The Construction Products Regulation (CPR), Regulation EU 305/2011, came into force across the EU on 1 July 2013 to ensure that construction products placed on the EU market are “fit for purpose”.

The Regulation only applies to timber and timber-based products destined for the construction sector that are covered by a Harmonised European Standard (hEN) or a European Technical Approval (ETA). This is a legal requirement and applies to manufacturers, importers, or distributors of such products placed on the market and traded in the UK and Europe.

When CE Marked products are traded on the UK or European market, a supplier must provide their customer with two key documents:

  • A Declaration of Performance (DOP): Produced by the Manufacturer, it includes comprehensive information about the performance characteristics of the product.
  • A CE Mark: Produced by the Manufacturer, it includes only basic information.

All of our cladding, flooring, strength-graded timber and standard wood-based panels are CE marked in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation.

DOPs are uploaded to our website and made available to customers through sales documentation. The CE Mark physically accompanies the product or supplements transport documentation. For products where we are considered a manufacturer, we are also making our DOPs available below.

Any questions? Please ask your Brooks Bros sales contact who will gladly assist.

View Declarations
View Declarations