Birch Plywood

Birch is a hardwood with excellent strength to weight ratios. Its light colouring and smooth appearance also makes it a firm favourite with end users in many industries including furniture manufacturing, shop-fitting, interiors and high-end kitchens. As one of the most stable timber-based products available, it performs well in applications requiring strength and rigidity and is ideal for CNC machining as the core is solid all the way through.

Board construction: 1.4mm thick veneers (a ply) are cross bonded to produce finished boards from 4mm thick (3 plies) to 50mm (35 plies). Finished boards are sanded both sides.
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Grade B: for high quality painting, staining and lacquering. Unfilled and sanded veneer with no plugs. Small open knots may exist and a few hair cracks are also allowed. Natural discolouring is marginally allowed.

Grade S: for good quality painting, staining and lacquering.

Grade BB: for interior paint finish, veneering and coating with thicker overlays and films. Predominantly unfilled and sanded veneer to which all major defects are replaced with wood plugs (plugs are oval and/or batwing shapes and are 60mm across). Colour contrast of plugs will vary and can change depending on viewing angle and lighting conditions. A restricted number of solid minor knots are admissible along with small, closed splits. Some brown stain permitted. Allow for colour variations.

Grade WG: for use where surface appearance is not important.

Availability: For further details please contact your usual/nearest Brooks Bros Sales Desk.