FSC Recycled Teak

cutty sark teak


For some time, Brooks Bros (UK) has been recycling Teak timbers from old colonial buildings across Asia that have been earmarked for demolition. These buildings are carefully deconstructed and all the re-usable material - especially sound timber beams - recovered. Despite its age this seasoned, reclaimed Teak is very high quality.

After careful cleaning and preparation the Teak is shipped to the UK where further stringent inspection and grading takes place before it is ready to use.


Cutty Sark Project
For the technicians in charge of the reclamation work on the Cutty Sark Project, the recycled Teak (over 130m3 - some in 10m long boards) Brooks Bros (UK) sourced had to replicate the original hardwoods used on the vessel as well as conform to the rigorous standards for environmentally accredited materials.
"As well as providing a complete and professional service, Brooks Bros has supplied exceptional quality certified timber."  Richard Doughty, Chief Executive, Cutty Sark Trust.


For more detailed information on our EcoTeak Boat Decking availability and deliveries please contact Brooks Bros (UK) Teak Sales Desks:
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